5 Unusual Side Effects of Medication Known to Medical Science

Modern medicine, or pharmaceutical drugs, was first developed back in 1804 by a German scientist called Friedrich Serturner. He discovered the famous painkiller, morphine. In the same century, paracetamol and quinine were also commercialized. However, medical science has come a long way with its drug inventions. Gradually, every possible disease (physical or mental ailment) has … Read more

The Importance of Choosing the Right Beauty Store: Discover the factors to consider when selecting a beauty store

Choosing a suitable beauty salon is crucial when buying cosmetics. There are many possibilities in the large beauty field, from neighborhood salons to internet sellers of goods. Each retailer supplies a distinctive range of goods, services, and experiences. Therefore, it is essential to decide carefully before completing an acquisition. This article emphasizes the importance of … Read more

What Is The Speed Of Turtle? 

speed of turtle

You may wonder after hearing the speed of turtle. A turtle is one of the animals that live in both water and on land. Most turtles can not survive in really cold temperatures and the body temperature of the turtle is that of the outside air or water. A cold environment could cause the animal’s … Read more

What Is The Speed Of Free Fall? 

What Is The Speed Of Free Fall? 

Are you looking for the speed of free fall? Wait! Here we will give you everything regarding the free fall objects including their speed. In your school days, you might be heard a story of an apple and Einstein. In that, they said that Einstein had sat below an apple tree and an apple fell … Read more

What Is The Linear Speed Of Earth? 

What Is The Linear Speed Of Earth? 

All know that the Earth rotates around the Sun, but not all know the linear speed of Earth. Therefore, here we will give you everything about the linear speed of the earth to make you all aware of it. You all know that the earth is very important and the only planet on which humans … Read more

What Is The Average Speed Of Reading? 

What Is The Average Speed Of Reading? 

Do you know your average speed of reading? Don’t be surprised, here we will tell you how to measure it. For that, you need to read this article till the end. Before knowing the average reading speed, you should know what the average speed is. So, the average speed is the ratio of the total … Read more

What Is The Speed Of Eurostar? 

What Is The Speed Of Eurostar? 

Do you have an idea of the speed of Eurostar? Don’t rush to google it, because here we are to give you everything regarding the speed of the Eurostar. Before moving ahead, you should have a crystal clear idea of Eurostar. What is Eurostar? So, Eurostar is nothing but a high-speed train network that connects … Read more

What Is The Speed Of Windmill Blade? 

speed of windmill blade

Did you see the rotating windmill blades? Then you might be thinking of the speed of windmill blade. Here, we will clear your doubt about this. In today’s article, we will give you all about windmill blade speed and a formula to calculate it. Windmills are always installed over the top of elevated places. Why? … Read more

What Is The Speed Of A Cow? 

speed of a cow

Have you ever thought about the speed of a cow? No? Then, here is a chance to know the speed of the cow and also how to calculate it by using a simple basic formula. Cows are beautiful creatures that wander country fields. From baby blankets for the nursery to a pair of fashionable cowboy … Read more

What Is The Speed Of Fiber? 

speed of fiber

Nowadays fiber-based technology has become more accessible because of the speed of fiber optic cable. Its rate helps many companies increase productivity, enhance communication, and improve competitiveness. Before proceeding further, understand what fiber optic cable is. Well, fiber optic cable is a technology mainly used by internet services to transmit information and pulses of light … Read more