What Is The Speed Of Windmill Blade? 

Did you see the rotating windmill blades? Then you might be thinking of the speed of windmill blade. Here, we will clear your doubt about this. In today’s article, we will give you all about windmill blade speed and a formula to calculate it. Windmills are always installed over the top of elevated places. Why? This is because of the intensity of airflow. At the medium-elevated mountains, the flow of air is high and hence it can spin the windmill, which is connected to the generator. Windmill is mainly used to generate electricity from wind energy. Below, we will discuss the working of windmills. Now, let’s get back to the speed of windmill blade

What Is The Speed Of Windmill Blade? 

The speed of windmill blade is 100 miles per hour for a small wind turbine while it is 180 miles per hour for a large turbine. While the speed of windmill blade tips is also between 100 miles per hour and 180 miles per hour. Tip speed is the speed at which the tip of the blade is actually moving. The interesting fact about windmill speeds is that the blade tip speed is higher than the speed at the center of the blade because it has to travel a greater distance to complete one complete revolution. How fast does the tip of a wind turbine spin? Well, the speed of a tip of a wind turbine is between 15 and 20 RPM at a constant speed. Similarly, how fast do wind turbines spin RPM? The maximum speed of a wind turbine is between 10 and 20 revolutions per minute.   

The speed of the windmill is measured in the RPM, which means revolutions per minute. This tells you, in one minute, how many revolutions are completed by the wind turbine. 

Wind turbines or windmills spin because of wind. Now, you may be thinking that the speed of wind and wind turbines will be the same. But, when you see the wind turbine RPM vs wind speed, the speed of the wind turbine is slow as compared to the wind speed.  

Now, you know what is the speed at the tip of a windmill blade as well as what is the speed of a windmill blade. Let’s know how to calculate this. 

Calculate The Speed Of Windmill Blade 

Well, the speed of the wind turbine is inversely proportional to the wind turbine blade length. And also, the speed of the wind turbine is affected by the number of blades installed over the turbine. It means, more blades decrease the speed of the wind turbine and vice versa. To calculate the speed, you can also use the wind turbine speed calculator and also calculate it by using a formula. The formula is given below, 

TSR = (Blade Tip Speed) / (Wind Speed mph) 

For 3 blade wind turbine, TSR = 6

Revolutions Per Minute = 60 x V x TSR / ( Pi x D)  

TSR = 6 

D = 10 m, Which is the diameter of the wind turbine 

Therefore, the speed of windmill = (RPM x (Pi x D))/ (60 x TSR) m/s 

For Example, 

Let’s understand by taking an example. 

 A 20 kW windmill or wind turbine has 10 m rotor diameter and 6 TSR. What will be the speed of the windmill? (For a 10 m diameter rotor, the RPM = 103.135 RPM) 

Well, by using a formula, 

The speed of windmill = (RPM x (Pi x D))/ (60 x TSR) m/s 

                                         = (103.135 x 22/7 x 10) / (60 x 6) 

                                         = 9 m/s  

About Windmill Blade

A windmill is a structure used to convert wind energy into rotational energy using vines called blades or sails, traditionally used exclusively to grind grain, but has since expanded to include windmills, wind turbines and other applications to include English Speaking world.Windmills contain the main five parts and they are the foundation, the rotor, the tower, and hub, the nacelle, and the generator. 

The foundation is in the ground to support the turbine, it is invisible because it is covered with dirt. The towers of the most modern turbines are made of round steel tubes. A rule of thumb for a turbine tower is that its height be the same as the diameter of the circle that its blades turn. The rotor and hub of the windmill are also the important parts of the windmill. The rotor is the rotating part of the turbine which consists of three blades and a central part connecting the blades, the hub. 

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How Fast Does The End Of A Windmill Blade Spin?

Wind turbine blades rotate between 15 and 20 revolutions per minute at constant speed. The life of a wind turbine is between 20 and 25 years, during which time they operate continuously for as much as 120,000 hours.

How Fast Do Windmill Propellers Spin?

Part of the turbine’s drivetrain, the low-speed shaft is connected to the rotor and spins between 8–20 rotations per minute.

What Is The Wind Speed For Wind Turbines?

Wind Power Plants Require Careful Planning

Good places for wind turbines are where the annual average wind speed is at least 9 miles per hour (mph)—or 4 meters per second (m/s)—for small wind turbines and 13 mph (5.8 m/s) for utility-scale turbines.

How Fast Can Turbines Spin?

It’s possible for the blades on wind turbines to reach up to speeds of 200 mph, so it may seem odd when some are spinning very quickly while the blades on others nearby are not moving.

What Is The Tip Speed Of The Largest Wind Turbine?

180 MPH

The World’s Biggest Wind Turbine Blades Are So Long Their Tips Spin at 180 MPH.


Reading this article has given you amazing confidence in the speed of the windmill. And now you know, how fast is wind turbine blades rotate and also how fast do wind turbine spin in km/h. You may find the windmill pretty sluggish when you look at them from a distance. You will be surprised to know that your perception is quite far from reality. Above, we have mentioned the exact speed of the windmill, that will give you an idea about the real speed of the windmill. Well, you understood the speed of windmill blade

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