What Is The Speed Of A Cow? 

Have you ever thought about the speed of a cow? No? Then, here is a chance to know the speed of the cow and also how to calculate it by using a simple basic formula. Cows are beautiful creatures that wander country fields. From baby blankets for the nursery to a pair of fashionable cowboy boots, cows are everywhere. With plenty of cows to see on a car trip, there is nothing surprising about them. The cow is a domestic animal and you may have it at your home. Many farmers have cows and there are also multiple milk-producing farms that have thousands of cows. Therefore, cows are not new to us. Let’s know the speed of a cow.  

What Is The Speed Of A Cow? 

The speed of a cow is 17 miles per hour on average while the maximum speed is 25 miles per hour. Cows run at an average speed of 17 miles per hour, but they can not hold the same speed for long. If started, they will set off at their top speed, but soon slow to a more sustainable pace. Some breeds and types of cattle are faster than others. 

The speed of cows changes according to their breed, age, size, and gender. A skinny young cow can run much faster than an adult cow with a calf’s foot. Here are some different speeds of cows, 

  • The top speed of a cow is 25 miles per hour
  • The average speed of a cow is 17 miles per hour
  • The max speed of a cow is 25 miles per hour
  • The top running speed of a cow is 25 miles per hour

How long can cows run for? Well, cows can run for 2 hours or even more only if they are trained, otherwise, they run only for 15 minutes. 

Now, you know what is the top speed of a cow and also what is the average speed of a cow running. Let’s know how to calculate the cow’s speed

Calculate The Speed Of A Cow 

To calculate the speed of the cow, you need two parameters and they are distance and time. Well, to get these terms, make your cow run a certain distance within a certain time. And then by applying a formula, you can get the exact speed of your cow. Here is a formula given, 

The speed of a cow = Distance Travelled By A Cow / Time taken By A Cow 

In symbolic form, 

V = D/T 


V – the speed of the cow 

T – Time taken by a cow to travel 

D – distance traveled by a cow 

For Examples, 

Let’s take an example in order to make you more crystal clear about the cow’s speed calculation. 

A cow ran for 2 minutes and within this time it covered 400 meters of distance. What will be the speed of that cow? 

Well, by using the formula, 

The speed of a cow = Distance Travelled By A CowTime taken By A Cow km/h

First of all, we need to convert m/s unit into km/h 

Therefore, speed of a cow = (400 / 40) * 18/5 

                                              = 36 km/h 

Hene, the speed of a cow is 36 km/h.  

About A Cow

A cow is a herbivorous animal that is the source of milk for human beings and it is also a domestic animal. The ancestors were wild Oxen, otherwise known as Aurochs. There are almost 800 different breeds of cow in the world. Out of these breeds, the most popular one is the dairy cows that produce milk, as not all cows do. Holsteins are known to produce the most milk of all dairy cows. Originally from the Netherlands, their milk production is unparalleled. Jersey cows that come from Jersey in The Channel Islands located between England and France, have golden-colored milk that is great for making cheese. 

Like humans, cows are also social beings, they also like to live in groups and can develop friendships with other cows and other animals while avoiding others. They cannot see the red color, therefore, a bull in a bullfighting ring does not react to the color of the red cloak but to its movement. 

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How Fast Does A Cow Walk?

2 Miles Per Hour

Cows, when not startled or pressured, tend to walk at 2 miles per hour. The average human when working cattle walks 3 to 4 miles per hour, twice as fast as cattle.

Are Cows Fast Or Slow?

Cows are not particularly fast animals. The average cow can only run at speeds of up to 15 miles per hour. In comparison, many other animals are much faster. For example, cheetahs can reach speeds of up to 70 miles per hour, and greyhounds can run at speeds of up to 45 miles per hour.

Can A Cow Gallop?

This is usually confined to walking, trotting and galloping in cattle, but they can also jump, swim and canter. Other limb movements such as kicking or pawing are performed but do not involve whole body movement. Locomotion in cattle and indeed all ungulates is primarily by forward motion.

Can A Cow Jump 5 Feet?

And happy cows can really catch some air – a young cow can easily clear a five-foot fence, he says. This one in Britain jumped six feet to land on the roof of a house.

What Is The Most Aggressive Cattle?

Jersey bulls are downright vicious, while some dual-purpose bulls, such as the American Milking Devon, are respectful if raised properly.


You might have observed one fact about cows, they are not athletic animals and also do not like to spend their days lazing around. They run only when there is a danger or someone forces them to do so. Also, they run out of fear, to escape from other animals, they also run when they are excited. Because cows are herbivorous animals and they don’t need to hunt, hence they don’t need to run that much. There are many myths about cows, but unlike popular belief, cows really do have only one stomach. That stomach, however, has four different compartments. Now, you got everything about the cow and also the speed of a cow

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