What Is The Speed Of Rhino? 

Have you ever been chased by a Rhino? And you didn’t have an idea about the speed of Rhino. Here, we go to know how much the speed of a Rhino is. You might find it very interesting to know how such a big creature can reach such speeds. Because, when you see them, you can not guess their speed, as they are so heavy on weight. Despite being heavy on weight or bulky like tanks, their powerful hind legs propel them forward, even on uneven surfaces. The interesting thing about Rhinos is that, when they reach top speeds, they will actually run on their toes. In this article, you may get to learn everything about Rhino’s speed and its calculations. Let’s get started and know the speed of Rhino.  

What Is The Speed Of Rhino?  

The speed of rhino is between 50 to 55 km/h, which depends upon the type of rhino. Among all the species of Rhinos, the Black rhino is the fastest rhino. There are a total of five species of rhino. Let’s know the speed of all these rhinos. 

  1. The speed of an Indian rhino, whose scientific name is Rhinoceros Unicornis, runs at a speed of 40 km/h. But, some estimated that the Indian Rhino can run at 55 km/h.
  2. The speed of Javan Rhinos or Rhinoceros sondaicus is 48 km/h.
  3. The speed of White rhinos or Ceratotherium simum is between 40 to 50 km/h.
  4. The speed of Black rhinos or Diceros bicornis is 55 km/h and this is their top speed.
  5. The speed of Sumatran Rhinos or Dicerorhinus sumatrensis is 55 km/h.

Now, you can figure out what is the top speed of a rhino and it is 55 km/h. The average running speed of rhino is 50 km/h. Many people get confused between rhinos and hippos. When you see a rhino vs hippo, then you find that the hippo has an immense body and a large head, a short neck, and a broad chest. While a rhino has a long face and a pronounced hump on its neck. Now, the question is which is faster hippo or rhino. Rhino is much faster than hippos and they can run for 2,750 kilometers.  

Now, you know how fast a rhino run and how long. Let’s know how to find the speed of a rhino. 

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Calculate The Speed Of Rhino 

Calculating the speed of a rhino is very interesting yet easy. So, for that, you need to know a formula called the speed formula. The seed formula is, 

Speed = Distance/Time 

In symbolic form, 

S = D/T 


          S is the speed of rhino

          D is the total distance covered by a rhino

          T is the time taken to cover the distance by rhino 

Let me explain it to you by using an example. 

For example, a group of rhinos is running continuously for 1 hour after hearing the roar of a lion. Without any break, they covered a distance of 52 kilometers and reached a safe place. What will be the speed of the rhino?  

By using a basic formula of speed, 

Speed of rhino = Distance/Time 

Speed of rhino = 52/1 = 52 km/h 

So, the speed of a group of rhinos is 52 km/h. 

About Rhino 

Rhino is a member of any 5 extant species of odd-toed ungulates in the family of Rhinocerotidae. The five species of rhinos are, white, black, greater one-horned, Javan, and Sumatran. Additionally, a number of other animals have rhinoceros as part of their names, including the rhinoceros auklet, rhinoceros beetle, rhinoceros chameleon, etc. Rhinos are especially known for their giant body, and horns that grow from their snouts. Rhino grows tall up to 1.8 m and weighs a massive 2,500 kg, sometimes less or more. Now, you can imagine how strong is a rhino

Despite their bulky body, Rhinos do not eat other animals meaning they are herbivores, and instead like to munch on lots of grass and plants at night, dawn, and dusk. 

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Can You Outrun A Rhino?

Can a human outrun a rhino? No, not even if you’re an elite athlete. Rhinos run faster than any human on record. For example, in 2009, Usain Bolt got to almost 27.8 mph (44.7 km/h) in a 100-meter race during the World Championships in Berlin.

Which Is Faster A Rhino Or A Hippo?

Hippos can reach speeds of 30mph! And in a race with a rhino, it would depend on the rhino, a couch potato rhino would probably lose to hippo, but a well-trained athlete rhino would win. Rhinos have been recorded at speeds of 34mph, so just a tad faster than hippos.

Can A Tiger Take Down A Rhino?

“It’s not rare that tigers kill and eat rhino. Rhino comes as an easy hunt for a tiger who can not chase a deer,” he said. Assam’s Kaziranga National Park, which shelters the biggest population of rhinos, has about 15 to 20 rhino cubs getting killed in tiger attacks every year.

Why Can’t Rhino Take His Suit Off?

His first suit, more crude in overall design, was originally bonded to his skin and he was unable to remove it.

How Fast Is A Rhino In Miles?

Despite their weight and their bulk, rhinos move fast! They can run up to 30 – 40 miles per hour. To put that in context, Usain bolt can run 28 miles per hour.

What Is The Fastest Rhino In The World?

Black rhinos

Black rhinos are the fastest rhino species and can run 34 miles per hour.

Can A Man Outrun A Rhino?

Can a human outrun a rhino? No, not even if you’re an elite athlete. Rhinos run faster than any human on record. For example, in 2009, Usain Bolt got to almost 27.8 mph (44.7 km/h) in a 100-meter race during the World Championships in Berlin.

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After reading this article you come to know about the top speed of rhino, rhino weight, and also how long can a rhino run. Rhinos can not bear a lot of temperatures, so to escape from the hot temperature they used to sleep in the shade or wallow in muddy pools to cool off their body. They are black in color, so their skin attracts more sun rays. Rhino are solitary animals and like to avoid each other but white rhino lives in a group and the group is known as ‘Crash”. Well, now you know everything about the speed of rhino

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