What Is The Speed Of A Giraffe? 

Have you ever seen a giraffe running? You might be wondering after seeing the speed of a giraffe. Here you will find a solution to it because, in this article, we are going to know the exact speed of the giraffe. As a bonus, we will also give you the formula to calculate the speed of the giraffe and how to calculate it by taking an example. Giraffes are rarely seen running at full speed across the savanna, but with their lean bodies standing around 19 feet tall, how fast can a giraffe run if they need to? Answers to all such questions are given below, to know this, read this article till the end. Let’s take a look at the speed of a giraffe.  

What Is The Speed Of A Giraffe? 

The speed of a giraffe is 60 km/h. Giraffes are one of the fastest land animals in the world, but you would not think that if you saw them leisurely munching on some Acacia trees. Now the question is what is the top speed of a giraffe? So, the top speed of a giraffe is about 60 km/h, which is more than the speed of Hippo and less than the speed of a lion. 

The max speed of a giraffe is 37 miles per hour and the average speed of a giraffe is around 37 miles per hour. Now, you may be wondering how far can a giraffe run? Well, giraffes can run about 56 kilometres or 35 miles in one go in one hour. The maximum speed of a giraffe is measured in km/h as well as in mph. Let’s know 

  • The speed of a giraffe in mph is 37 miles per hour
  • The speed of a giraffe in km/h is 60 km/h    

The speed of a giraffe is more because of its height. The giraffe height is around 19 feet and giraffe weight is between 800 and 1,900 kg for an adult male. The weight of an adult female giraffe is between 550 and 1,200 kg.  Now, you know Giraffe’s speed, let’s know how to calculate it. 

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Calculate The Speed Of A Giraffe 

The calculation of the giraffe speed is very easy, you only need to know two variables. One is distance and the other is time, then you can easily find the speed of the giraffe by using a speed-distance-time formula. The formula is, 

Speed = Distance/Time 

In symbolic form, 

S = D/T 


          S is the speed 

          D is the total distance covered by a giraffe 

          T is the time taken by a giraffe 

So, to execute this formula let’s have an example. 

A giraffe is running after hearing a tiger’s roar. The giraffe covered 30 kilometres of distance in only 0.5 hours. With what speed does a giraffe run? 

By considering the above-mentioned formula, 

Speed = Distance/Time 

Speed of a giraffe  = 30/0.5 = 60 km/h 

About Giraffe 

Giraffes are the tallest animals on the planet, even though their legs are taller than most human beings. Giraffe is a large animal found in African forest belonging to the genus Giraffa. They have extremely long necks and legs, horn -like ossicones, and spotted coat patterns. They also have the longest stride in the animal kingdom combined with their loping walking style. They can often appear to be moving in slow motion across the Savannah. 

Giraffes have an interesting way of moving called ‘pacing’. Pacing is an unusual gait in which both the front and back legs on one side move forward simultaneously, followed by the other two legs on the opposite side moving forwards in unison. They run rarely but when they do, they serve as a warning sign to other Savanna wildlife that danger is near. 

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Can You Outrun A Giraffe?

Even a leisurely walk gives it a speed of 16 kilometres/ 10 miles per hour. The fast and surprisingly graceful gallop of a giraffe can easily outpace a human, and even many horses. Its top recorded speed is a whopping 56 kilometres/35 miles per hour.

Are Giraffes Fast Or Slow?

Normally, Giraffe runs at a speed of 60 Kilometers per hour. Having more speed than humans than also this species is considered a slow-motion animal. Giraffes have long and strong legs, as well as their palm, are plain, which helps them to run faster on the ground.

What Is A Giraffe’s Weakness?

Since the giraffes’ most developed sense is their sight, and their head can reach up to five or six meters high, they can make out predators at great distances. Another of the giraffe’s weaknesses is sleeping – so they almost never sleep.

Do Giraffes Only Sleep 30 Minutes A Day?

All in all, adult giraffes get by on just 30 minutes of sleep a night (on average). It’s the shortest sleep requirement in the entire animal kingdom! Why so wakeful? Because an animal that large lying down in the middle of the plains is just too tempting a feast for nearby predators.

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Can A Giraffe Outrun A Lion?

Early on in the episode, David Attenborough narrated a scene in which a hungry pack of lions were hunting down a giraffe. “The giraffe has the speed and stamina to outrun the pride,” said Attenborough.

What Animal Can Beat A Giraffe?

Predator of giraffes. The only significant predators of giraffes are lions, and they will look for the young and the weak giraffes first. They also target pregnant females that are ready to give birth so they can’t move as swiftly.

What Is The Fastest Bipedal Animal In The World?


THE OSTRICH, the world’s largest living bird, is also the fastest runner on two legs. In short bursts, a lion or a cheetah can overtake it.


In this article, you come across the speed of a giraffe and also how to calculate it by using a formula. You can also learn the calculation of a giraffe by considering the examples given above. Giraffes do not always run; they only run when they have to escape from danger. While crocodiles also hunt giraffes, the lion is their primary predator on land and often the primary reason for sprinting. Now, you have understood the speed of a giraffe

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