What Is The Speed Of Eye Blink? 

What Is The Speed Of Eye Blink?  Do you know, what is the speed of eye blink? Maybe not, because normally we don’t pay attention to an eye blink. It is an involuntary and natural process that happens without prior indication. When you pay attention to eye blinking, then you will get an idea of how fastly you blink your eyes. So, to make you aware of the speed of an eye blink, we are here with this article that provides all possible information regarding it. The fact is that the speed of an eye blink may vary from person to person. Why? Below we will see it in detail. Let’s begin to learn about the speed of eye blink.  

What Is The Speed Of Eye Blink? 

The speed of eye blink is around 12 times per minute and one blink lasts about ⅓ second. Is blinking voluntary or involuntary? Blinking is an involuntary action, which means you can not control it. Now, your question may be how many times eyes blink in a day. So, your eyes blink between 14,400 and 19,200 in a day. How many types do you blink a year? In a year, you will blink between 5.2 and 7.1 millions time. 

How long is a blink? On average the human blink lasts only a tenth of a second which is 100 ms. It’s really very fast and quick. Sometimes, it can even last up to 400 milliseconds. To put it into viewpoint, the tick of a clock remains for 1 sec, making it likely to blink 3 times during a single tick of a clock. Is the blink of an eye faster than the speed of light? No, your eyelid does not travel faster than the light. The speed of a blink of an eye in mph is roughly about 13 mph and the speed of light is about 670, 616,629 mph, now you can see whether the comparison is valid or not. 

How fast blink of an eye? Normally, a person blinks his or her eye 12 to 15 times per minute. During a blink, your eyes close for a millisecond and you don’t experience it. 

Now, you know what is the speed of a blink of an eye as well as how fast is a blink of an eye in mph. Let’s know about its calculation. 

Calculate The Speed Of Eye Blink 

To calculate the speed of a blink you need to go through the eye blink speed test. In this, the blink rate is calculated. 

The blink duration is measured in seconds and corresponds to the time difference between the start and end points of a blink.  The interlink interval, also measured in seconds, corresponds to the time difference between the endpoint of a blink and the start point of the blink.  

About Eye Blink 

An eye blink is a temporary action in which a person closes his or her both eyes with the help of the upper and lower eyelids. How fast blink of an eye is? Human adults blink approximately 12 times per minute and one blink lasts about ⅓ seconds. 

If you are queries how fast can the eye blink? Then the answer is same 12 time in a minute.

Why do we blink? So, blinking or a blink is important to maintain the integrity of the ocular surface and its characteristics such as blink duration and speed can vary remarkably, depending on the health of the eyes. 

When you blink your eyelids clear away dust particles and press lubricating fluids across the eyeball. Every time you blink your eye sweep oils and mucus secretions across the surface to keep them from drying out. You don’t really notice the momentary darkness throughout the day that is created in a blink do you? 

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How Fast Is A Blink In Milliseconds?

Each blink lasts for 100–150 milliseconds, during which time it obstructs all pattern vision and attenuates light levels 100-fold.

Is A Blink Of An Eye Faster Than The Speed Of Light?

No. Eyes take 100 to 200 msec (open-close-open), and they are very slow compared to how fast light travels.

How Long Is A Blink In Milliseconds?

100-150 Milliseconds

Most people blink around 15 times a minute and a blink lasts on average 100-150 milliseconds, which means that overall we spend at least 9 days per year blinking.

What Is The Average Blink Rate Of A Human A Day?

According to Healthline, the average person blinks between 14,400 and 19,200 times a day.


In this article, you have learned about a very small but also important action in the human body. It doesn’t mean only humans blink their eyes, all animals and birds also blink their eyes and everyone has a different rate. Above we have seen it for a human being only. Blink is necessary to lubricate the eye by replenishing the precorneal tear film, it protects the cornea from dryness and cleans the corneal surface, shielding the eye from foreign objects such as dirt and dust, etc. now, you have understood everything including the time taken o blink an eye in seconds and the speed of a blink

What is the speed of an eye blink?