What Is The Speed Of Buffalo? 

Have you ever thought about the speed of buffalo? Well, it is quite interesting to know buffalo speed, because buffalo is a domestic animal and also a great source of milk. When you go to buy a horse, your focus would be on his speed and external appearance. But in the case of buffalo no one talks or looks at their speed and external appearance because the primary need of buffalo is to provide milk to humans. But, here we will discuss all the buffalo’s speed, so, read this article till the end. People thought that buffalos are not smart enough and they are lazy. But the fact is, they are known to kill Lions, a king of the Jungle. Let’s know the speed of buffalo

What Is The Speed Of Buffalo? 

The speed of buffalo is around 35 miles per hour. Wow! That is pretty impressive, considering they are fast runners. One of the popular types of buffalo is the water buffalo. They are called water buffalo because they spend the vast majority of their day submerged in water. In fact, their hooves developed as widely splayed in order to prevent them from sinking into the thick mud of swamps and river bottoms. Another popular type of buffalo is the African buffalo, which has very strong legs and runs so fast. The speed of the African Buffalo is around 56 km/h, they run faster than any human ever recorded.  

Most buffalos are aggressive and unpredictable. This is necessary to defend against predators, like lions and poachers. If wounded, the African buffalo become even more angry and aggressive. They are dangerous and they are sometimes called the ‘Black Death’ or ‘Widowmaker’. Now, your question may be, how long can a buffalo run? Well, a buffalo can run for 4 to 5 hours straight with a speed of 35 miles per hour. Here are some other speeds of the buffalo, 

  • The top speed of a buffalo is 35 miles per hour
  • The running speed of buffalo is 35 miles per hour
  • Water buffalo speed is 30 miles per hour
  • The average speed of a buffalo is up to 57 km/h or 35 miles per hour
  • The highest speed of a buffalo is 35 miles per hour

Calculate The Speed Of Buffalo 

To calculate the speed of a buffalo you need a formula which is the speed-distance formula. By using this formula you can calculate the speed of your pet god also. The formula is, 

Speed = Distance/Time 

In symbolic form, 

S = D/T 


          S is the speed 

          D is the total distance covered by a buffalo 

          T is the time taken by a buffalo 

Let’s consider an example to understand this formula. 

A buffalo runs very fast to escape from a tiger, it covers a 28 km distance within half an hour. What would be the actual speed of that buffalo? 

So, by using the formula, 

Speed of buffalo = Distance/Time 

                              = 28/0.5 = 56 km/h 

About Buffalo 

You all may know about buffalo, as it is one of the most commonly found domestic as well as wild animals. They are also called Bubalus bubalis and belong to the family Bovidae, subfamily bovinae, genus bubalis, and species arni or the wild Indian buffalo. Buffalos are classified into river and swamp types. Currently, the domesticated buffaloes are the descendants of Bos arni found in the North-Eastern parts of India, especially in Assam and surrounding areas. 

There are multiple breeds of buffaloes namely Murrah, Surti, African Buffalo, Jaffrabadi, Nili Ravi, the Swamp, the Khasi Hills buffalo, and many more. Buffaloes are more versatile cattle because they are also used for transportation and farming. They are well-adapted to the Indian climate and terrain, while cattle are not. This makes buffalo more valuable to Indians. Due to buffalo weight, people thought buffalo could not jump, but they were wrong. How high can a buffalo jump? Buffalo can jump up to 6 feet vertically. 

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Are Buffalo Faster Than Horses?

Warning: Bison are wild animals and can be dangerous if provoked. They can run up to 35 miles per hour and spin around faster than a horse.

How Fast Can A Buffalo Run And For How Long?

Bison can run quickly. Their top speed is about 35 mph and they can maintain this speed for more than an hour!

How Far Can A Buffalo Run Without Stopping?

A buffalo can run 35 mph for 4-5 hours straight. Their windpipe and heart are twice the size of cattle.

How High Can A Buffalo Jump?

6 feet

Despite weighing about a ton, they have a vertical jump of up to 6 feet, are good swimmers and can spin around quickly to defend themselves against predators.


After reading this article, you unstood speed of a buffalo as well as the top speed of buffalo in detail. From this article, you also got a formula to calculate the speed of a buffalo. Today, buffaloes can be found naturally in sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia, and Southeast Asia, because of their high adaptability to nature. There is one of the popular buffalo called the wild water buffalo, which is also called Asian buffalo, Asiatic buffalo, and wild Asian buffalo which is native to Southeast Asia and the Indian subcontinent. Now, you have understood the speed of Buffalo

How fast can a Buffalo Run?