What Is The Speed Of A Mongoose? 

Have you ever wondered about the speed of a mongoose? Have you seen a mongoose running? In today’s article, we will give you the mongoose’s exact speed and the formula to calculate it. When you see a group of mongoose running, then you will understand that all the mongooses do not have the same speed of running. In fact, the speed of running of a mongoose depends on the age of the mongoose and on which way the mongoose is running. Mongooses live in forest areas, so they can not run comfortably on plain roads. Therefore, the mongoose speed decreases on plain roads. Without further delay let’s get started and know the speed of a mongoose

What Is The Speed Of A Mongoose? 

The speed of a mongoose is about 20 miles per hour. When you hear the name mongoose, ultimately you remember a picture of a snake, because mongoose is popularly known as a snake killer. Just like cat and dog, cat and mouse, mongoose and snake are enemies or prey and predator. So, the speed of the mongoose vs snake does not have a chance to compare, because a mongoose is much slower than a snake. There is one speed called reflexes speed, which is the speed at which a mongoose can close its mandibles. So, the mongoose reflexes speed is between 78 and 145 miles per hour. 

There are various types of mongoose and every mongoose has a unique speed of running and walking. Let’s have a look at the speed of some different types of mongooses, 

  • The speed of a meerkat is around 20 miles per hour
  • The speed of a banded mongoose is 32 km/h
  • The speed of the Egyptian mongoose is 32 km/h
  • The speed of the common dwarf mongoose is up to 30 miles per hour or 48 km/h
  • The speed of a yellow mongoose is  about 32 km/h

Now, you have an idea of the speed of different types of mongooses. Let’s know how to calculate this speed. 

Calculate The Speed Of A Mongoose 

To calculate the speed of a Mongoose you need to know the required time and the distance covered by a mongoose. As long as you know these two quantities, it is very simple to calculate the speed of the mongoose. 

The formula to calculate the speed of a Mongoose is given as, 

The speed of a Mongoose(V) = Distance / Time 


V = D/T 


T – it is the time 

D – Distance covered by a mongoose and 

V – It is the speed of a Mongoose in knots 

For Example, 

Let’s understand this formula by taking an example. 

A Mongoose chasing a snake that runs for 30 min and covers a total distance of 10 miles, then what would be the speed of a mongoose

You know, 30 min = 1/2 hour 

So, by using the formula, 

 speed of a Mongoose(V) = D/T

                                 V = 10/(½)

                                 V = 20 miles per hour  

About A Mongoose 

Probably, you all may have seen a mongoose, which is a small, sleek animal that roams the forest and plains of Asia and Africa. Because of its rather bold temperature, the mongoose has been the subject of human myths and stories for thousands of years. However, the life of a mongoose as a normal animal is far more complex and iterating than these myths suggest. Mongoose is an animal popularly known for its remarkable ability to kill snakes, even the Corba. Therefore, scientists believe that mongooses have evolved a protein that offers some protection against snake venom. However, they are not completely immune to repeated snakebites. Mongoose reaction time is around 0.850 seconds. 

The scientific name of a mongoose is colloquial, or summon, in term for a group of similar species that belong exclusively to the family of Herpestinae. Mongoose is a carnivorous animal whose scientific name is derived from a Greek word for an animal that walks or creeps on all four feet. They are closely related to viverrids such as genets, civets, and linsangs.  

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Is A Mongoose Venomous?

Are Mongooses Venomous or Poisonous? Mongooses are not venomous or poisonous, but they can fight venomous snakes and can tolerate a certain amount of snake venom.

Why Do Snake And Mongoose Fight?

The snake often eats the babies of the mongoose. Hence, the mongoose attacks the snake to protect its young ones. Since a mongoose is nimbler than a snake, it can save itself in most cases. It is believed that in a fight between a snake and a mongoose, the mongoose wins 80 per cent of the time.

Where Does Mongoose Live?


Mongooses are primarily found in Africa, their range covering most of the continent. Some species occupy parts of southern Asia and the Iberian Peninsula. They are generally terrestrial mammals, but some are semi-aquatic, and others are at home in the treetops.

Can A Mongoose Be A Pet?

One Web site dedicated to all things pet care entertains the possibility of keeping a mongoose as a pet and mentions the animal’s observed intelligence but ultimately says, “Keeping mongooses as pets is not a wise option as they are prone to rabies and can be temperamentally unpredictable.” That should be enough .

Can A Mongoose Survive A Black Mamba Bite?

Mongooses have mutated cells that block the mambas’ neurotoxins from entering their bloodstream. This makes them capable of surviving the venomous snake’s deadly bite.


By reading this article, you got an idea of mongoose size, speed, and appearance. Mongooses occupy the same order as bears, dogs, cats, seals, and raccoons. A mongoose is an animal somewhat more distantly related to the hyena, and an example of a Felifornia, or a cat-like carnivore. Do you know? It is believed that at some point early in their evolution, some animals split into two distinct subfamilies, Herpestinae and Mungotinae. Currently, there are around 34 mongoose species living on the Earth, and this includes 23 species of Herpestinae and 11 species of Mungtotinae. Now, you know all about a mongoose, especially the speed of a mongoose

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