7 Excellent Ways to Reduce Clutter from Your Humble Abode

It’s hard to realize how over-occupied our living space becomes before everything gets in our way. The stuff we adore in our homes becomes a source of hindrance and disturbance. We spend more time managing stuff than focusing on actual chores. A stuffed home can be a source of suffocation and anxiety. 

Too much stuff here and there can also be a safe abode for insects, rodents, cockroaches, and other disease-causing agents, necessitating fumigation expenses. Add the cost of living to the mix, and you have the ultimate recipe for financial disaster. But this isn’t the case for Arkansas residents who enjoy the cost of living 8% lower than the national average. Nonetheless, decluttering is an issue every homeowner needs to tackle regardless of the cost of living. 

Decluttering and discarding excessive and unnecessary stuff is inevitable for well-being and peace of mind. So, observe your home and decide what’s necessary and unnecessary. 

The following passages enlist some hacks to declutter without causing emptiness or trouble in your home.

  • Consider renting a private storage

Rental storage is a feasible idea to expand home space and declutter. It’s the best temporary option for stuff not in routine use but holds sentimental value or will be needed in the future. Rental storage services also facilitate with careful handling of expensive and delicate items, such as musical instruments, electronics, furniture, decor items, and other valuables in your home. On top of that, since they’re climate-controlled, you don’t have to worry about weather damage. Weather wear and tear is another reason people turn to storage units to keep their belongings, especially Bentonville residents. High humidity, often above 90%, along with the rainy season, causes great stress for Bentonville homeowners about safely storing their valuables. 

Fortunately, Bentonville AR storage units are worthwhile and economical options. State-of-the-art, well-organized, highly secure, climate-controlled, adjustable-sized storage units and round-the-clock accessible features of these storage units are hard to find elsewhere. 

  • Remove needless and recyclable stuff

Recyclable stuff should give you less headache when you declutter your home. It is something you will crash sooner or later. Why keep it and clutter your home? So go through your study table or bookshelves once in a while to sort out unnecessary paper cuttings, copies, books, documents, or printouts and throw them away. 

Bring all the useless plastic bottles, bags, boxes, cardboard, or glass and metal stuff inside your home and dump them in the trash. But wait. Did you know that recyclable items can make money when you sell? So why not visit a scrapyard and make a deal if you have stockpiled useless stuff?

  • Consider steady decluttering

Sorting out useless things is not an easy job. We purchase and keep things for a purpose, and it is not easy to conclude when we will not need them anymore. Many concerns can cause stress if we give ourselves a strict schedule for renovation and decor. Decluttering should organize and improve our routine lives than cause an unmanageable headache all of a sudden. Thus, do not make haste decisions. Take decluttering step by step. A slow and thorough process is necessary to bring a lasting change in your home without causing much exhaustion. With slow and steady decluttering and reorganization, you can also avoid the risk of throwing away impulsively and feeling empty.

  • Organize every corner

Sometimes, our homes look messier and cluttered when items are spread everywhere. Stuffing everything randomly without a home decor theme or plan can make necessary stuff unwanted and untidy. So, chalk out and demarcate different corners of your home and assign a convenient and suitable place for every household item. Use and name containers, boxes, cupboards, drawers, shelves, bins, or other storage spaces while organizing your stuff. 

And after that, practice diligence and relocate those items to designated places after using them. When you have a designated space for every household item, you will not throw it away just anywhere and increase needless cleaning work.

  • Sort out, declutter, and organize every season

Unwanted stuff piles up when we do not discard it after a specific use. For instance, many things become useless when seasons change. So, keeping warm clothes in your regular-use closet after winter will only make it more congested. It is better to sort out different sections in a closet according to season. Discard worn-out stuff and empty occupied space until the season comes. The season-based or purpose-based organization makes things more convenient and minimizes eleventh-hour trouble. 

  • Use vertical storage hacks

Vertical storage is lifesaving if you have a small home. If you barely have the most needed stuff, yet your home appears untidy and suffocated, decluttering cannot solve your problem. You do not need to throw away everything to enjoy a cleaner and more spacious home. Utilize vertical storage wherever needed. For instance, you can put up multiple-layered racks in a kitchen to make it more tidy and organized. Use the sides of the kitchen cabinets or a pegboard to hang utensils. Attach hooks or magnet hangers at the backs of doors in living rooms and bathrooms to hang clothes and towels. Place a customizable and adjustable rack behind your home’s front door to organize shoes. A multi-tiered stand is best for indoor plants and flower pots. You can explore several other DIY alternatives for vertical storage.

  • Practice a minimalist lifestyle

Since buying is an impulsive behavior than merely a necessity, clutter will stay until we have a definite solution. Attachment makes it even harder to throw stuff. So, why not switch to minimalism? Minimalism is the practice of an organized and minimalist lifestyle. It is also a trending lifestyle hack for a sustainable and healthy environment. It means using and owning things most needed and using fewer things. For instance, you can use a multipurpose sofa for sleeping and sitting, so why bother cluttering your home with separate sets for every purpose? 

You can use a reusable water bottle, so why purchase single-use plastic bottles? You can match a few pairs of good-quality jeans with dozens of shirts and tops, so why stuff your closet every month? That is not all. Minimalism can cover every aspect of one’s life. And it is not a new concept. 


Sometimes, decluttering is inevitable no matter how much we adore our things or hate reorganization. It is necessary for a healthier and cleaner home. And once you experience the feel of a well-organized home, you will not regret investing time. One feasible tip is to practice sorting out things in a routine. However, renting storage units will prove worthwhile if you’ve some memorabilia or family heirlooms.