What Is The GMAT Exam?

The Graduate Management Admission Test, sometimes known as the GMAT, is a standardized exam that is used extensively in the admissions process for numerous graduate management programs across the world. It is intended to evaluate prospective students’ skills and talents and assist admissions committees in making defensible conclusions regarding candidates. Candidates can do GMAT preparation online. To better assist you in understanding the GMAT exam, we’ll go into detail about it in this article.

  • Purpose of the GMAT:- Firstly, we should be aware of the purpose of the GMAT exam. Why do colleges and universities take the GMAT exam? Different universities have different purposes for conducting the GMAT exam. Some universities conduct GMAT exams to provide financial aid to the students. The GMAT score is set as the base, and students with top scores are provided scholarships by universities. Another purpose of the GMAT exam is for students from different educational backgrounds to apply for management. So, the GMAT exam acts as a standardized exam for all. The GMAT exam is made to examine a few skills of the candidates. The GMAT score defines their future in the field of business.
  • Sections of the GMAT:- The GMAT exam is particularly divided into four different sections.
  • Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA): The first section of the GMAT exam includes analytical writing. Under this section, students have to analyze the problem or argument and share their clear thoughts in written form. You have to express your views in a logical and clear form. It checks the way you deliver your idea and understands the problem.
  • Integrated Reasoning (IR): The next section includes integrated reasoning. This section includes playing with data. Data can be given in the form of graphs, charts, or any other form. Students have to inspect and explain the difficult data and make a decision from it. It checks the problem-solving skills of the candidates.
  • Quantitative Reasoning: The third section of the exam includes quantitative reasoning. As the name suggests, it tests your math skills. This section tests your quantitative and mathematical problem-solving skills. You don’t have to use complex math formulas. You have to analyze the situation and reach it accordingly.
  • Verbal Reasoning: The last section, which is included in the GMAT exam, is verbal reasoning. This section tests the language skills of the students. This section is all about language, which includes reading, comprehension, and many more. You have to solve objective questions based on grammar.

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  • Computer-Adaptive Format:- GMAT exam follows the computer-adaptive format. The computer-adaptive format means that candidates are asked questions according to their abilities. The difficulty level set by the question depends upon your performance. At the start of the section, the questions set by the computer are not very difficult. If you answer the question correctly, then the next question will be more difficult. If the first question you answer is incorrect, then the next may be easier than before. Your exam paper will fully depend on your abilities. The computer will record your ability level as you solve questions.
  • Scoring:- Different sections in the exam assess your performance individually. The GMAT score can range between 200 to 800 points. Only two sections named quantitative reasoning and verbal reasoning contribute to your total score. The other two sections don’t directly contribute to your total score. You will get your GMAT score in the form of percentile rank. You will receive the unofficial scorecard immediately after completing your exam. This scorecard will have marks obtained from quantitative reasoning and verbal reasoning. Almost 15 days after the exam, an official scorecard of the exam is given to the candidates.
  • Test Duration:- The time duration of the GMAT exam can vary depending upon what section you choose and the breaks you take. The maximum time duration set for the GMAT exam is 3 hours and 7 seven minutes. It includes the optional break given to candidates. Each section has a different number of questions and periods. Candidates cannot exceed the time limit of each section. After analytical writing assessment and integrated reasoning, candidates are given a chance for an optional break. During this break period, candidates can leave the test room. It’s crucial to check the time duration and test format for the GMAT exam. Sometimes, changes are done in time duration. It’s crucial to remain up-to-date.
  • Test Centers and Options:- Test centers and test options in the GMAT exam are set by candidates. Test centers are locations where candidates can take exams. These centers are located in various cities and regions, making it easier for the candidates to take exams. You can choose your center according to your convenience. The GMAT exam offers candidates test options. Candidates can take their test in person or online. Online GMAT exam allows you to sit at your home and take tests. While performing an online exam, your exam will be monitored with the help of a webcam and microphone.
  • Preparation:- Preparation for the GMAT exam requires determination and planning. You have to form a timetable and work according to it. Understanding the GMAT format is the one thing you have to do. After understanding, you can set a goal according to your dream university. Prepare a study plan for yourself. Having good quality study material will help you in numerous ways. Focus on your weak points and try to have a hold on them. Give practice papers every weekend to record your performance. Continuous practice is one thing that will help you do better in exams. Time management is a crucial thing that you should learn. These will help you in preparation for the exam.

In conclusion, these points tell us about the GMAT exam. These points showcase the basic information for those who are planning to prepare for the exam. You should be in touch with the official website of the GMAT exam for updates. Management schools consider GMAT scores during admissions. A good GMAT score can help you in going to your dream university. GMAT score matters for enjoying the scholarship opportunities. You can prepare for the GMAT exam with the help of jamboree India.