What Is The Best Cribbage Hand?

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Cribbage is a classic card game known for its unique scoring system and challenging strategies. In cribbage, a great hand can make all the difference between victory and defeat. The “best” cribbage hand is a term that captures the perfect combination of cards, maximizing your potential for scoring points. In this blog, we’ll delve into what makes the best cribbage hand, how it’s determined, and its significance in the game.

What Is The Best Cribbage Hand?

Cribbage is typically played with a standard 52-card deck, and players are dealt a hand of six cards. The objective is to score points based on the combinations of cards in your hand and, later in the game, your crib. The best cribbage hand is the combination of cards that offers the most scoring opportunities. Let’s break down the key factors that determine a great cribbage hand:

  • Pairs: In cribbage, pairs are valuable. A pair consists of two cards of the same rank. Having multiple pairs in your hand can lead to more points, especially when those pairs are consecutive.
  • Consecutive Runs: A run consists of three or more consecutive cards, regardless of their suit. Longer runs are more valuable. For example, having three cards in sequence (e.g., 6-7-8) is worth three points, but a run of four cards (e.g., 4-5-6-7) is worth four points, and so on.
  • Fifteens: Combinations of cards that add up to 15 are highly sought after. Any combination of cards that totals 15 scores you two points. Therefore, a hand with several 15s is a strong hand.
  • Flush: A flush occurs when all cards in the hand share the same suit. While a flush doesn’t guarantee a high score, it can be valuable, especially when paired with other combinations.
  • Nobs: Nobs is a unique scoring opportunity that rewards a player one point if they have a Jack of the same suit as the starter card (the first card turned up during play).

The Best Cribbage Hand

The best possible cribbage hand is a combination of cards that maximizes all the scoring opportunities mentioned above. Here’s an example of the ideal cribbage hand:

  • Four 5s: This forms a quadruple pair, which results in 12 points (4 pairs of 2 points each).
  • Run of 4: The 5s also create a run of four cards (5-5-5-5), earning another four points.
  • Three 5s and a Jack: This combination results in three 15s (each 5 paired with the Jack) for a total of six points.
  • Flush: If all these cards share the same suit, you add another four points to your score.

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The grand total for this dream cribbage hand is 26 points, making it the best possible hand in the game. Achieving this hand is exceedingly rare and often a cause for celebration in a game of cribbage.


In cribbage, the best hand is a combination of cards that offers the maximum potential for scoring points. While the perfect cribbage hand, consisting of four 5s, a Jack, and the same suit, is a rarity, the joy of the game lies in the strategic choices and the unpredictability of the card combinations that make each hand unique. Cribbage enthusiasts understand that the thrill of the game is not solely in pursuing the perfect hand but in the strategic and entertaining journey to get there.


What Is The Best Ever Cribbage Hand?

The highest score for one hand is 29: 555J in hand with the starter 5 of the same suit as the Jack (8 points for four J-5 combinations, 8 points for four 5-5-5 combinations, 12 points for pairs of 5s and one for the nob).

What Is The Rarest Hand In Cribbage?

The 29 hand is the rarest hand in a game of cribbage. There are 4 ways you could attain this hand (1 per suit), but the odds are high at 1 in 216,580.

What Is A 31 Hand In Cribbage?

If a player reaches exactly 31, he pegs two instead of one for Go. The player who called Go leads for the next series of plays, with the count starting at zero. The lead may not be combined with any cards previously played to form a scoring combination; the Go has interrupted the sequence.

What Are 4 Fives Worth In Cribbage?

The four fives by themselves are worth 20 points. Fifteen-two, fifteen-four, fifteen-six, fifteen-eight, and twelve for double pair royal make twenty.

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