What Is PMV?

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In the quest for optimal comfort in indoor environments, factors like temperature, humidity, and air movement play crucial roles. This is where the concept of PMV comes into the picture. PMV, or Predicted Mean Vote, is a scientific approach that quantifies human comfort based on a combination of environmental parameters. In this blog, we’ll delve into the world of PMV, understanding what it is, how it’s calculated, and its significance in creating pleasant indoor spaces.

What Is PMV?

Predicted Mean Vote (PMV) is a numerical index used to predict the thermal comfort experienced by individuals in indoor environments. Developed by P.O. Fanger, a Danish scientist, PMV takes into account various environmental factors that contribute to human comfort.

Factors Considered In PMV:

PMV calculations involve six key parameters:

  1. Air Temperature: The temperature of the air surrounding an individual.
  2. Mean Radiant Temperature: The average temperature of all surrounding surfaces that emit or absorb thermal radiation.
  3. Relative Humidity: The amount of moisture present in the air relative to its maximum capacity.
  4. Air Velocity: The speed of the air moving across an individual.
  5. Clothing Insulation: The amount of thermal insulation provided by the clothing worn by an individual.
  6. Metabolic Rate: The rate at which a person generates heat through metabolic processes.

How PMV Is Calculated:

The PMV is calculated based on a complex equation that takes into account the six factors mentioned above. The result is a numerical value that represents the predicted mean vote on a scale from -3 (cold) to +3 (hot). The closer the PMV value is to zero, the more likely it is that the majority of people will find the environment comfortable.

Significance Of PMV:

PMV holds significance in various scenarios:

  1. Building Design: Architects and engineers use PMV calculations to design HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) systems that create optimal thermal conditions for occupants.
  2. Occupant Comfort: By aiming for a PMV value close to zero, building managers can provide a comfortable indoor environment that enhances occupants’ well-being and productivity.
  3. Energy Efficiency: Optimizing thermal conditions based on PMV can lead to energy savings by preventing excessive heating or cooling.

Challenges And Variability:

Human comfort is subjective and varies from person to person. While PMV provides a scientific framework, individual preferences, clothing choices, and personal factors can influence how comfortable someone feels in a given environment.


Predicted Mean Vote (PMV) is a fascinating tool that quantifies human comfort by considering a range of environmental factors. By employing PMV calculations, architects, engineers, and building managers can strike a balance between temperature, humidity, and air movement to create indoor spaces that cater to occupants’ comfort. As we continue to seek innovative ways to enhance the quality of our living and working environments, the science of PMV offers a valuable approach to achieving optimal comfort and well-being.

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How To Calculate PMV?

PMV is calculated on the basis of 4 measurable quantities (air velocity, air temperature, mean radiant temperature and relative humidity) and 2 expected parameters (clothing and metabolism rate), Vote generated from PMV is also considered as index value to determine the thermal sensation of the subject as shown in fig.

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