What Is Banded Clovis?

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The study of ancient artifacts provides us with invaluable insights into the lives and cultures of our ancestors. One such artifact that has intrigued archaeologists and historians for decades is the Banded Clovis point. Representing a sophisticated and ancient tool, the Banded Clovis holds a significant place in the study of early human history in the Americas. In this blog, we will explore what the Banded Clovis is, its historical significance, and the fascinating details it reveals about the ancient inhabitants of the Americas.

What Is Banded Clovis?

The Banded Clovis is a distinct type of Clovis point, which is a specific style of stone projectile point or spearhead. Clovis points are characterized by their unique fluted design, with long, concave channels on each side that create a flute-like appearance. These stone points were used as hunting and cutting tools by ancient peoples during the Paleoindian period, approximately 13,500 to 12,800 years ago.

The name “Clovis” originates from the town of Clovis, New Mexico, where the first discovery of these distinctive stone points occurred in the 1920s. Since then, thousands of Clovis points, including the Banded Clovis, have been found at various archaeological sites across North America.

Distinctive Features Of The Banded Clovis

What sets the Banded Clovis apart from other Clovis points are the unique and intricate bands or markings found on the surface of the stone. These bands, created by a deliberate and careful knapping technique, give the Banded Clovis its distinctive appearance and add to its cultural and historical significance.

Historical Significance And Cultural Insights

  1. Early Human Migration: The presence of Clovis points, including the Banded Clovis, is associated with the earliest known human inhabitants of the Americas. They are considered important evidence of the Paleoindian migration from Asia into North America via the Bering Land Bridge.
  2. Hunting and Survival: The Banded Clovis, like other Clovis points, served as a crucial tool for hunting and survival during a time when ancient peoples relied heavily on their hunting skills to procure food and resources.
  3. Artistic Expression: The intricate banding patterns on the Banded Clovis suggest a level of artistry and craftsmanship among the ancient peoples who crafted these stone points. The careful knapping technique used to create the bands reflects their skill and attention to detail.
  4. Cultural Traditions: The presence and distribution of Banded Clovis points at various archaeological sites shed light on the movements and interactions of ancient cultures during the Paleoindian period.
  5. Technological Advancements: The creation of Clovis points, with their distinctive fluting and banding, demonstrates the advanced lithic technology that early inhabitants of the Americas developed for stone tool production.


The Banded Clovis, with its intricate banding and unique fluted design, offers a fascinating glimpse into the lives and culture of early human inhabitants of the Americas. As a significant artifact from the Paleoindian period, it provides valuable insights into ancient migration patterns, hunting practices, technological advancements, and cultural traditions. The study of the Banded Clovis and other Clovis points continues to be a vital aspect of archaeological research, enriching our understanding of the fascinating journey and accomplishments of our ancestors in the New World.

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What Is A Banded Clovis Point?

It turns out to be a perfectly preserved “Banded Clovis”, or a spearhead of Native American origin, that was once used to kill mammoths and other large animals.

What Does Banded Mean With Arrowheads?

Banded is referring to bands that go across the arrowhead. Basically a Clovis point is one of the most valuable points you can find and it being banded just adds to the value. It’s a pretty damn rare find. I’ve been looking for arrowheads and artifacts my whole life and have never found a Clovis.

What Is The Meaning Of The Universal Sound?

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How Much Is A Banded Clovis Worth?

Rare and especially unusual Clovis points are the most valuable on the market, but even the most common ones can be worth tens or even thousands of USD! On average, you may be able to expect a value of around $14,000. The highest known price that an arrowhead was sold for was $276,000 USD!

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