Tips For Redesigning Your Home

Home remodeling is fun and inspiring. But that doesn’t mean you can jump into it without planning. If you do, you’ll end up investing more money than you had initially planned. 

Plus, how will your home stand out among all the rest if you don’t get the redesigning right? In Oklahoma’s housing surplus, the design can be a make-it-or-break-it factor when selling your home. According to Redfin, as of May 2023, there are at least 12,507 homes for sale in the city, which is 8.5% more than last year. So, you must ace your home’s redesign to maximize returns in the future. Here are some tips to help you get started:

Bathroom redesign

Unfortunately, most homeowners don’t give enough importance to this part of their homes. They should. Well-kept bathrooms are hot in the market and can really bump your property’s value. Even if you’re not selling, you’ll still have a pleasant experience showering. It’s a win-win. Here are a few areas to work on:

  • Replace obsolete fixtures with energy-efficient ones that enhance luxury while being environmentally responsible. Freestanding bathtubs, rainfall showerheads, and water-saving toilets are all good options.
  • Include ambient and task lighting incredibly close to the vanity area. Good lighting is essential for producing a pleasant and welcoming environment.
  • Add plenty of storage to maximize storage space and keep a clutter-free environment.

In Oklahoma City bathroom remodeling can cost anywhere between $6,500 and $37,900, depending on how much you’re willing to splurge and what you need to get done. We recommend hiring experts to minimize mess-ups and get the best results.

Calculate the flooring

Flooring covers a huge surface area of your home and is one of the first things that catches someone’s attention. Plus, it sets the theme of your home. So, don’t take it lightly. Take your time and measure out the space. It’ll help you determine how much material you need. This extra effort will do two things:

  • Keep costs low as you won’t buy extra material
  • Help you avoid unkempt joints because of the shortage of material

Besides measuring the flooring, we also highly recommend picking the right material. Go for hardwood or tile for busy areas like the kitchen or entryway. For bedrooms and living rooms, stick to the cozy carpeting. You can refer to magazines and Pinterest for ideas. But, in the end, your personal preference matters the most.

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Kitchen redesign

A beautiful and functional kitchen can make meal preparation fun. Also, you can’t leave the kitchen out when remodeling. It enhances the appeal of your property, offers an amazing ROI, and makes life easy. 

When creating the plan, consider functionality and movement. Ensure that the important places like the refrigerator, stove, and sink are easy to reach. It’ll save you time and bumps. Invest in a durable and appealing countertop. It has a high upfront cost, but in the longer run, it pays. Quartz and granite are good options. Also, include a chic backsplash that goes with the theme. It’ll shield the walls from messes and splashes. 

Since functionality is a priority, increase storage. Use pull-out drawers, custom cabinets, or a walk-in pantry to create a clean, organized kitchen. 

Check out Supa Group if you are interested in home extensions.

Upgrade the furniture

It’s natural to want fancier armchairs and bespoke consoles when the walls and flooring look new. After all, furniture lifts your home’s appearance. But what if your budget doesn’t allow any more splurging? You make do with what you already have. 

You can stain your wooden furniture, reupholster the headboards of your beds, and chalk-paint an old dresser to make a customized entryway console. Use your imagination and recycle stuff for a distinctive touch. You can also try your luck at thrift stores. 

Multipurpose spaces

Everyone’s a hoarder these days. It is why maximizing storage is all the rage in the housing industry. It gives everything home and keeps your space organized. So, invest in a cozy couch bed or daybed to create a home office that serves as a guest room.

Add a projector screen for watching movies and sports or playing video games. It’ll turn your living room into an entertainment space. Your friends will never want to leave. Use a multipurpose table to merge your dining area and home office if you’re short on space. This effective setup makes the most available space while preserving a unified aesthetic.

Keep the color scheme neutral

You could install high-end flooring, buy the coziest furniture, and make your kitchen Gordon Ramsey-level good. But if your color scheme doesn’t do well, it’ll all be a lost cause. So, be very strategic about it. Take your time to go through magazines and blogs. Look at what interior designers are suggesting and keep up with the trends. If you’re still confused, stick to basic neutrals like grey, beige, and white. They make a room appear bigger and neater. Plus, these basic colors pair well with most other colors.

You can refer to this little guide for more ideas:

  • For a calm atmosphere in living spaces and bedrooms, consider warm earthy colors like taupe, beige, and brown
  • To give bathrooms and beach-style interiors a clean, relaxed feel, create a coastal-inspired color scheme with blue, green, and white hues
  • Shades of green are perfect for bedrooms and home offices since they have refreshing vibes

Climate considerations

Consider your local climate’s comfort and energy efficiency when redesigning your home. To control indoor temperatures and lower energy use, increase your insulation. In hot and humid areas, focus more on ventilation – install ceiling fans or air conditioners. Replace outdated windows with new ones that regulate temperatures and reduce energy loss. 

Understanding Oklahoma’s climate will also help you choose the right flooring, roofing material, and paint type. It’s important since you won’t revamp your home again for a few years. 


Remodeling your home offers a fascinating opportunity to personalize it. Every component works together to create a useful and beautiful sanctuary. Whether you’re planning a small renovation or a complete overhaul, these tips can help you design a space that meets your needs while still reflecting your unique personality. Your newly remodeled home will be a place you’ll enjoy and cherish for years to come with careful planning and attention.