speed of darkness

What knowledge do you have about the speed of Darkness? First of all, you may be thinking that darkness also has a speed. You have listened to the speed of light, and the speed of sound, but the darkness’ speed is new to you. Because darkness does not exist by itself as a unique physical entity but is simply the absence of light. You can also check by cupping your hands together, you get darkness. But, here will talk about the darkness’ speed therefore, let’s know the speed of darkness

What Is The Speed Of Darkness? 

The speed of darkness is equal to the speed of light which is 299 792 458 m/s 3×108 m/s. When you see the speed of darkness in Km then it is 10.8 x 107

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In the case of speed, it is the darkness that you find after the light stops coming, so it moves at the speed of light. Many people consider the speed of darkness faster than light. It is wrong, these both speeds are equal. 

On the other side, if you turn on a flashlight, the shadow region created by an object reaches a distant wall at the exact same moment that the light reaches the wall, showing that darkness travels at light’s speed. 

For instance, consider that you are in distant space, far from all light sources like the Sun, and you have a light bulb on the nose of your space ship. Then the light from the bulb is spreading out in all directions through space at the speed of light. If you search about what is the speed of shadow, then you must know that it is the same as the speed of darkness.  

So, after knowing about what is the speed of darkness, let’s know how to calculate it. 

Calculate The Speed Of Darkness 

The speed of darkness can not be calculated because there is nothing in the absence of light. But you can calculate the speed of light, and as I already told you that the speed of darkness is the same as the speed of light. 

So, you can calculate the speed of light in a material by using a formula, 

C = λf 

Here, λ is the wavelength of the light 

         F is the light frequency 

For example, λ = 0.5, f = 4 x 1014, then what is the speed of light

So, the speed of light is, 

C = 0.5 x 4 x 1014 = 2 x 1014 m/s 

Now, you know about the speed of darkness vs speed of light. Let’s know more about the darkness. 

About Darkness 

Darkness means partial or complete lack of light. If the Sun suddenly disappeared, it would stop the light from the earth and the earth would become dark. But it takes 8 minutes and 19 seconds for the light from the Sun to reach earth. Simply, no light means darkness. 

So, there is a band of darkness in between the two spheres of light. As both sides of the light stretch outward on all sides at light speed, the dark band between them also moves at light speed. You can imagine the darkness as you experience it soon after the arrival of the last light. As the last part of the light travels at the speed of light, the world after that must also move at the speed of light. Therefore, it is stated that the speed of darkness is equal to the speed of light. 

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How Fast Is The Speed Of Darkness?

How fast is the speed of darkness? Strictly speaking, dark is simply the absence of light, and thus has no speed at all, according to noted astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson.

Is Darkness Stronger Than Light?

But there is also light, and light will always be stronger than darkness.

Is The Speed Of Darkness Faster Than Light?

Darkness Is Faster Than the Speed of Light.

How Fast Is Dark Shadow?

300,000 km/s. So when I say your shadow can travel faster than light, I don’t blame you if your skeptic senses are tingling. But humour me, because shadows are one thing that can travel faster than light. Shadows are a phenomenon we experience constantly in everyday life.

Is Dark Energy Hot Or Cold?

Light, fast particles are known as hot dark matter; heavy, slow ones are cold dark matter; and warm dark matter falls in between. In this way of seeing things, WIMPs are cold, sterile neutrinos are warm, and relic neutrinos from the early universe are hot.

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Is Dark The Fastest Thing?

Most of us already know that darkness is the absence of light, and that light travels at the fastest speed possible for a physical object. So, what does this mean? In short, it means that, the moment that light leaves, darkness returns. In this respect, darkness has the same speed as light.

Are Shadows Faster Than Light?

This is a little hard to wrap your head around, but shadows can move faster than the speed of light, even though nothing can move faster than the speed of light. In a second, we’ll explain how exactly that’s possible without breaking the most fundamental law of physics.


From this article, you learned that the concept of darkness is so simple and just an absence of light. Because when you turn off the light, there will be nothing more to search for or study. Darkness is the lack of illumination, an absence of visible light, or a surface that absorbs light, such as black or brown. In the darkness, human vision is unable to distinguish colors, because the hue sensitive photoreceptor cells on the retina are inactive when light levels are insufficient, in the range of visual perception referred to as scotopic vision. So, after going through this article you won’t forget about the speed of darkness


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