What Is The Speed Of A Dog? 

You might see multiple dogs running on a daily basis. Have you tried to know the speed of a dog? Don’t worry, here we will provide an easy formula to calculate it. The speed of dogs depends upon various factors, out of them, some you may know and some you may not know. But, here we will try to deliver all factors that affect a dog’s speed. This article will also give you the dog’s speed in different units. There are multiple breeds of dogs that exist on the earth and it is very complicated to find the speed of all those breeds of dogs. Without further discussion let’s begin to know about the speed of a dog

What Is The Speed Of A Dog? 

The speed of a dog is 48 km/h for a German Shepherd and 72 km/h for Greyhound. While talking about the average speed, dogs can run at about 15 to 20 miles an hour. Some are much faster and some are much slower. The fastest dog on the earth is a Greyhound dog and the top speed of greyhound dog is 72 km/h. Besides greyhounds, the top 10 fastest breeds of dogs are border collie, dalmatian, borzoi, Saluki, whippet, Vizsla, Jack Russel Terrier, Doberman Pinscher, Afghan Hound, and Ibizan hound. 

Well, you know the fastest dog breed in the world is the Greyhound but german shepherds also run fast. And the German shepherd top speed is 48 km/h. When you see the top speed of a dog vs a human, then you find that humans are far behind dogs in terms of speed of running. 

Now, you know about the fastest top speed of a dog as well as the top speed of a dog in km/h. Next, we will tell you how to calculate the speed of dogs.    

Calculate The Speed Of A Dog 

To calculate the speed of a dog you need a formula which is the speed-distance formula. By using this formula you can calculate the speed of your pet god also. The formula is, 

Speed = Distance/Time 

In symbolic form, 

S = D/T 


          S is the speed 

          D is the total distance covered by a dog 

          T is the time taken by a dog 

Let’s consider an example in order to understand the formula. 

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A dog chased a cat and covered a distance of 96 km in 2 hours. What will be the speed of a dog? 

By using a formula, 

Speed = Distance/Time 

Speed of a dog = 96/2 = 48 km/hr. 

About A Dog 

Scientifically, the dog is a domestic mammal belonging to the family of Canidae and the order Carnivora. Basically, they are subspecies of wolves, and they are also related to foxes and jackals. Dogs are one of the two most ubiquitous and most popular domestic animals across the globe. 

Nowadays, many dogs are the product of selective breeding between individuals with desirable traits, either physical or behavioral. Therefore, new breeds of dogs are continuously growing.  For instance, humans bred German Shepherds for their ability to herd livestock, Labrador retrievers to help collect ducks, and other games felled by hunters. Many breeds were created to fill other human needs, such as home protection and vermin control.  

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What Is The Normal Speed Of A Dog?

20 miles per hour

In general, dogs can run about 15–20 miles per hour for short distances. However, some breeds are a lot slower than that, while others are capable of much faster speeds. A dog’s speed depends on their physical composition, breed, and health.

Are Dogs Faster Than Humans?

Dogs are naturally faster. You can train to outrun Fido, and maybe get one of the short-legged breeds to try outrunning, but do not be disappointed if Fido wins.

Which Is The Fastest Dog In The World?


Greyhound. R. Bitzer Photography / Adobe Stock Greyhounds are the fastest dog breed and can run at speeds of 40–45 mph.

How Fast Is A Dog Over 100m?

Dogs are much faster than humans. Usain Bolt set the 100-meter world record with a time of 9.58 seconds and a top speed of 22.9 miles per hour. In contrast, a greyhound can run 100 meters in only 5.33 seconds.

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Can A Dog Outrun You?

Your dog will typically outrun you. Some dog breeds are slower than others and humans might be able to keep up, but aside from athletes, it’s more likely that they can’t keep up with their four-legged friend.

Can Dogs Run 40 Mph?

Greyhounds are famous for their sprinting, topping 40–45 mph on average. However, they also can sustain great speed—usually 35 mph for approximately 7 miles. This ability makes them the fastest dog in the world.

What Dog Has The Strongest Bite?

Turkish Kangal

“The Kangal Shepherd is a Turkish breed of dog that is known for its large size and impressive strength. With a bite force of 743 PSI, this breed is the undisputed king of the canine world when it comes to raw power.


In this article, you have come across the dog speed km/h and the greyhound top speed. Dogs use their four limbs to generate plenty of power compared to humans who use just two. So, bear this in mind when you try to chase a dog that wants to get away from you. Dogs have very flexible spines and very strong abdominal muscles. And this gives additional power to them. Also, they have loin muscles which are the muscles on the side of the body between the lower ribs and pelvis. Now, you have underwood everything about the speed of a dog.