Pool Tables – Making the Right Choice For Your Space

There are many things that families and friends can do to foster togetherness and build memories. Most of these activities are outdoor activities but thankfully there are a few leisure activities that can be done indoors. Cue sports, snooker or pool as it is commonly known is one of the great games that bring friends and family together. The good thing about this game is that it can be played both indoors and outdoors; say in the garden or patio (but mainly indoors).

Pool tables are the major tools for playing a lot of cue sports but billiard tables too are used for some cue games. However, billiards and pool tables though quite similar are not the same. Billiard tables are usually larger than pool tables and do not have pockets. Most times people used these two terms interchangeably but the fact is that they are 2 different game apparatuses though very similar. They are also used for slightly different cue games.

 In this article, we will focus on how get the right pool table for your space so stay with us as we share some very essential tips.

Tips for Choosing the Right Pool Table

When or before you go shopping for this game apparatus, the following are things to bear in mind and do before making a selection:-

Assess your Space

The first thing to do before you go shopping for this snooker platform is to access the available space that you have. Ensure that you measure the space where you want to place the furniture bearing in mind its dimension. The average size for these pieces of furnitureis 7,8 and 9 feet but the most common size for a family room is 8 foot. However, you can choose the 7 foot variant if you have a smaller room and the 9 foot size for a large game room.

Design and Style

These tables come in different styles which range from the traditional styles to ultra-modern ones. The style you choose will however depend on personal taste and the décor of the space.  Ensure that the design of furniture that you choose matches with the décor of your room or compliments it. You can even look out for those options that allow you to choose the color of the cloth, finishing and other elements in the design of the table.

Type of Surface

The top/surface of these tables can be made with either slate or non-slate materials. The preferred material for people who take the game seriously is slate material. This is because it offers a smooth surface that’s consistently level and allows the ball to roll accurately.

The tables that come with non-slate surfaces however are more pocket friendly but may likely not have the same smoothness for excellent playability. So if you do not have budgetary constraints, the slate covered surface is the better option.  Click here for more explanation about slate and non-slate materials.

Frame and Construction

The frame and construction of the table is a crucial factor to the stability and durability of the furniture. This in turn also determines how long you will enjoy the use of the furniture. This therefore means that you should look out for tables that are made from hardy and long lasting materials.

These materials can either be wood or metal that will withstand the wear and tear of regular use. The quality of the construction also contributes to the durability of the piece.

Type and Quality of Cloth

The type of cloth used to cover the playing surface is very important for quality of games that you will experience. The higher the quality of cloth used, the better the accuracy of play and ball control and the durability.

The different cloths that are used include wool and worsted wool. Worsted wool enables players to have faster and smoother games while the woollen material are softer and offers a slower game experience. This therefore means that the level of player’s expertise should be the determinant of the type of cloth to choose.

Pocket Style

There are different pocket styles that a pool table can come with and they include the ball return and the drop pockets systems. The drop pocket system is the traditional option and in this system, the ball is collected in pockets that are on each of the table and along its sides.  Conversely, the ball return system automatically returns the pocket to the main collection area.  The pocket style to choose totally depends on what you find more convenient and your personal preference.

Additional Factors to Consider

Additional factors to consider include the following:-

  1. Cost
  2. Accessories and extra features
  3. Installation
  4. Maintenance and cleaning. Visit this site https://www.globalinspirationsdesign.com/ for tips on maintaining furniture pieces.


We have discussed briefly what you should bear in mind as you go looking for the right pool table for your space. We believe that the tips shared here will go a long way in helping you make a choice. However, you can still consult some experts in the game for additional tips so that you can make a more informed decision.