Navigating Passport Photo Requirements: Tips For A Stress-Free Experience


In the process of preparing any official document, there is a need for a photograph of a certain size. Obtaining a new passport is a responsible procedure and a photo for an official document plays a very important role. Depending on the type of document, completely different requirements are imposed on the photograph. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully study the requirements for its preparation and comply with them. This will ensure a painless procedure for obtaining the document and eliminate unnecessary stress.

Size And Resolution

This is one of the most important criteria that must be observed when preparing a photo to obtain a passport. The photograph should be square-shaped, with each side measuring two inches. That is, the photo should be two inches wide and two inches long. In addition to these parameters, it is necessary that the distance from your chin to the top of your head be from one inch to an inch to three-eighths.

Filters or noticeable editing should be avoided as this is not allowed according to the requirements. It’s best to ask someone to take your photo rather than using the selfie method to avoid mistakes in head tilt or size. Using a tripod is also a great option. At the same time, you don’t have to go to a photo studio, thanks to online opportunities, you can get passport photos online. Follow the instructions provided on the website and your photo will be prepared as required. On the same day you will receive a photo without leaving your home and can print it wherever it is convenient for you.

Don’t forget that the photo should be clean and clear, without blur. The paper on which the photos will be printed must be photo quality and not have any flaws such as stains. During filming, your eyes should be open and looking directly at the camera. In this case, the mouth must be closed.

Colour And Light

When preparing a photo, it is necessary to provide a place with a white background or very close to this colour. Also make sure that there is sufficient lighting using daylight or artificial light. The main requirement is that your skin tone is accurately reflected in the photo.

Fresh Samples

According to the rules, a photo provided for the production or replacement of a document such as a passport must be taken no earlier than six months before submitting the documents. The department can check how similar you are in the photo provided for your passport to you in other documents.

Clothes And Accessories

A passport is a strict document and you should not choose bright colours or extravagant outfits for photos. Variegated shades of fabrics are not suitable for passport photos. It is better to choose plain clothes or a combination of several basic colours (black, dark blue, brown, dark green). Since the photograph is taken against a white background, clothing of the same colour may blend into the background. Clothes in casual style are best suited.

You should also remove hats, glasses and headphones. Your face in the photo should be open, this also applies to your hair. They should not fall on the face or cast a shadow on it. Have a neat hairstyle. Men should comb their hair, and girls should style their hair in the usual way. Unruly hair can be smoothed with a styling product or pulled into a high ponytail. There is no need to do evening curls or a ceremonial bun with strands released near the face.

Tattoos on the body or face are allowed. There is also no prohibition on ear or body jewellery. The only caveat is that they do not interfere with the photo and do not hide areas of the face.


Perhaps the most important rule is to get a good night’s sleep before taking passport photos and other documents. It is also worth preparing your clothes in advance. Remember that photographs for documents require a close-up view, which means that pills on the fabric, wrinkled clothing, stains and other defects will be immediately visible. We recommend preparing for the shoot in advance, thinking about your image and details. You can also practise your facial expressions in front of the mirror, as professional models do, so that your photographs turn out as successful as possible.

Also, take all the above requirements seriously and strictly follow them. In this case, your process of obtaining your passport will be smooth and stress-free.