How to Write a Dissertation Abstract Professionally

Title: How to Ace a Dissertation Abstract

Description: Explore how to write an abstract for the dissertation perfectly.

How to Write a Dissertation Abstract Professionally

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What is a Dissertation Abstract

The abstract is an independent part of your dissertation. Its aim is to describe what your dissertation will be about in a concise manner. The dissertation abstract should be up to 300 words. Your goal in writing it is to tell the main points of your dissertation however not to include some parts of your paper there. It should work as an introductory part.

The abstract is an equally important part of the dissertation so students try to write it as well as possible. That is why we will tell you about a good strategy which can be helpful to you.

Use IMRaD rule

IMRaD stands for the four sections of your dissertations, namely introduction, methods, results, and discussion. This is a widely used structure that helps to format and organize different types of research papers; however it is also used for an abstract. Just take to the structure you need to first name and introduce what your paper will be about then include the message you used for your research design and the overall research. Then you need to include the main findings of your study which stands for results. Finally, you should tell what your discussion is about and conclude the abstract by saying what you have achieved by writing your paper.

Mistakes in Writing Abstract for Dissertation

Students often make similar mistakes when writing an abstract for a dissertation. However, we want to prevent you from doing them and will introduce the main mistakes you should avoid:

  1. The student adds an excerpt of the dissertation into the abstract and doesn’t make it independent
  2. The abstract is not understandable without the background context of the dissertation or its separate parts.
  3. The abstract does not describe the structure of the whole dissertation
  4. The abstract goes beyond 300 words or above 100 words
  5. The student does not add a summary for the abstract

Now as you know they’re coming to mistakes students make in writing an abstract you know what you should avoid in working on your own paper. You can follow this website if you want to find out more typical mistakes students make when writing an abstract.

Tips for Writing Dissertation Abstract

After reviewing the common mistakes it is time to switch to the more positive aspect and to find out the best tips you can use to write an abstract for your dissertation. Look through our list to get some useful tips:

  • Use active voice: the main role of the abstract is to be clear and concise. However, writing in a passive voice only makes the abstract longer. That is why you should mainly use an active voice when writing an abstract.
  • Write short sentences: you need to avoid idioms or long phrases when creating the sentences for your dissertation abstract. It is better to write as concisely as possible without any complex phrases. It also includes avoiding filler words which are unnecessary in this section.
  • Add key results: your abstract cannot be written without the inclusion of the results of your dissertation. Describe in detail what you have found and how it contributes to the overall research you have done for the dissertation.
  • Stick to the purpose: the purpose of the article is to tell what the dissertation is about so you should write it in a way to explain the aim of your dissertation. You can write a specific sentence for that or I simply write in a way that explains what is the purpose of your paper.
  • Methods part: when you write in an abstract you should not format it as an introduction. If you are writing about the methods of your research you need to use the past voice in telling what methods have you used instead of telling what you will do.
  • Outcomes: the outcomes of your dissertation should be clearly outlined in your abstract part. You should drive the sentence which tells what you have achieved and what your study has shown. The outcomes part should also not be cluttered and be concise.

These were the main tips you should stick to when writing your dissertation abstract. If you want to understand how to write the abstract better you should better look at the examples and samples of the ready-made abstracts which have been written for the specific dissertation. We are encouraging you to visit this webpage to look at the samples of the abstracts.

Dissertation Writing Service for an Abstract

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