How to Grab Videos from Website – Top 5 Video Grabber Tools

People often enjoy watching videos on different video-sharing platforms, such as social media channels, news websites, and other entertainment websites. However, these websites don’t allow their users to save any video directly to their devices to watch later.

So, people have to access the website and navigate to the video every time they need to watch a specific video. That’s the reason people wish to download the videos they like most to watch them whenever they want easily.

To solve this problem, we have listed the five most efficient video grabber tools that let you easily download any Internet video. Read this article till the end to get familiar with the features and downloading procedure of each video downloading tool.

  1. – Video Downloader is a free, top-notch video downloader that outshines other video downloading platforms. It efficiently downloads all types of videos, from long to short Instagram and Facebook reels.

Along with free usability, its uninterrupted functionality and multiple-device accessibility provide a sleek downloading experience to its users. Most importantly, it grabs the same quality video as seen on the web platform and doesn’t pixelate the video quality.

The downloading procedure involves copying the video URL, pasting it into its input box, and proceeding by clicking the “Download Video” button. In addition, it also asks you to select a particular video quality and format after fetching the video.

  1. – Online Video Downloader seconds the list of video downloading websites by offering an advanced all video downloader worldwide. Whether it is a clip of an old video with 480p resolution or the latest 4k video, this free video downloader is capable of downloading all video qualities.

Its multilingual support allows global users to easily navigate each step involved in the downloading process. The easy-to-understand web layout of this tool further enhances the user experience. Moreover, it works with thousands of websites, including all social media platforms.

To retrieve any video from a website, simply copy the video URL and insert it in the mentioned box. Then, hit the “Download Video” button and complete the process by choosing video quality and format. Depending on internet speed, your video will start downloading and get saved on your device.

  1.  – Video Downloader also comes in the list of best video downloading tools providing web utility. Upon accessing this tool, a simple URL box at the top makes it easy for you to know where to paste the link. It doesn’t display any interrupting promotional content that can frustrate users.

The task at your end is just to copy the link, paste it in the highlighted box, and press the “Download Button.” Within a few minutes, it fetches the same video and provides you with its preview for confirmation. At this stage, it also lets you pick specific quality and format.

Like the stated video grabber tools, it is also free to use and easy to access as well. It doesn’t control your daily downloads by limiting you to a specific number of downloads. Whenever you wish to save a video, just provide it with its link and get your video downloaded to your device.

  1. Keepvid – Video Grabber

Keepvid is another outstanding video-saving tool that helps you grab your most-liked videos from a wide range of websites. Like other popular tools, it also utilizes the URL to fetch a video from any video-sharing platform. Also, it doesn’t demand any band details and signup requirements.

To make downloading flexible for all users, it shows a clearly visible input bar on its top and doesn’t contain any confusing ads. So, you only need to copy-paste the video link and initiate downloading. During this process, you can select a peculiar video quality and format.

One of its top attributes everyone wants is that it permits you to perform limitless downloads without restriction. In addition, it also facilitates downloading video subtitles and linked audio in MP3 format.

  1. AceThinker – Video Saver

The last but proficient tool capable of downloading high-quality videos from the internet is offered by a reliable web utility “AceThinker.” It is compatible with almost all social media platforms but can show some functional errors with less mainstream websites.

The steps to download a video are the same as for other downloaders. You only have to furnish it with the video URL and leave the rest on it. It will immediately process the link, access the respective platform, grab the video from there, and provide it to you for download.

To keep things transparent for users, it has showcased the list of all the websites it works with. Moreover, the video files it downloads don’t contain any malware or virus that can harm your device or steal your personal information. So, feel free to give this tool a chance.

Bottom Line

In summary, video-downloading tools make it possible for global users to download any video from websites. These tools smartly process the video URL and grab exactly that video from the platform whose link you pasted in the input box. We have mentioned the five most widely trusted and used video grabber tools to make video downloading easy for you. Feel free to use one of them that suits your needs and start enjoying offline videos anywhere.