Do Essay Writing Services Really Work for Students? Unveiling the Truth

The education sector has witnessed some of the most aggressive changes over the last two decades. Forget the introduction of new courses and curricula. The development of edtech such as whiteboards, computers, online learning, and the creation of the Education Management Information System (EMIS) have been the real game changers. Learning has progressively moved from the traditional induction setup to a more complex and interwoven system hosted in the clouds. And with these changes came essay writing services. Unlike tutoring, which is a structured one-on-one instruction system, these services are asynchronous and widely varied. Since their introduction, online writing has remained a divisive topic. But do they deserve the negative press coverage? Are they a lifeline or a crutch? In this short piece, we’ll take a 360 view of the issue and give a verdict in the end. Read on to understand if they’re worth it or not.      

Do Essay Writing Services Work?

This is one of the most difficult questions to answer because the response you’ll get depends on whom you ask. Students who seek these services genuinely need help. And any trustworthy custom essay writing service out there strives to fulfill their clients’ needs. However, in some cases, things don’t work right, leaving behind frustrated and bitter customers. Below are a few things to note:

Customer reviews

Online testimonials from reputable sites show that many students appreciate the services. In fact, some learners confess that without assistance from the companies, they wouldn’t have graduated.


The companies have highly qualified writers who produce top-notch papers. They follow instructions, giving you the highest chance of success. Moreover, top companies have the best-matching system that links your order to the most suitable writer. So, you can always rest easy knowing you’re in the hands of experts.


Most often students need help because of time constraints. In such a case, we can only consider the work useful if it helps beat tight deadlines. And according to several online reviews, the companies often make it. In fact, if you get an efficient essay writer, you can get your paper in just four hours.


An efficient system shouldn’t be costly. Instead, it should provide value for money. Some of the most reliable companies we’ve reviewed charge between $10-35 per page. The price depends on deadline, order complexity, and discipline, among other variables. If you find a good essay writing service, you can enjoy discounts and coupons. Whatever the price range, you’ll realize that the services are often cheaper than tutoring.

Are Essay Writing Services Legit?

The answer to this question is, YES! Legitimate, in this case, refers to a service or product that conforms to the law. However, the threshold for online writing goes beyond adhering to the law to include ethical practices. In simple terms, they’re both ethical and legal. Well, this only refers to legitimate companies. The internet is awash with unscrupulous individuals who’ll break the law at will for financial gains.

Reputable companies assist struggling students who’d otherwise fail or quit school due to workload or a lack of guidance. They ensure originality, confidentiality, and on-time delivery of custom-written essays. Experts from CustomWritings essay writing services advise their clients to treat their materials as learning aids rather than submitting the work as their own. This is about taking responsibility, which only affirms their legitimacy.

Choosing the Best Essay Writing Service: Tips That Count

With so many providers online, it can be difficult for a first-time customer to choose one. If you search the internet for writing services, Google returns over 1.93 billion results in seconds. To say that the industry is crowded will be an understatement. So, what should one really look out for? What matters the most? Below, we list the most important variables to consider:


Nothing beats a company’s image and brand in this industry. Be sure that the service you intend to work with has a blameless record. A simple online search can reveal a lot. Check what their past customers say before making a step. Remember you’ll always get negative feedback about any active company. However, consider the gravity of the complaints and their frequency. Many protestations are a bad sign.

Testimonials and reviews

Many legit companies provide live testimonials left by their customers. Visit the section to have a general feel about their services. However, it’s important to check out independent review sites such as Sitejabber for more balanced reviews.  

Sample work

Putting sample work on the website is a bold step that only reputable organizations can take. It shows they’re confident in their service and don’t mind scrutiny. Check the samples carefully since they’ll give you an idea of their writers’ standards. Evaluate the work for writing quality, formatting, evidence of academic research, and other vital mechanics.  


You might need help but not at any cost. It would be great to get value for your money. Therefore, watch out for what they charge. You might find services charging as low as $1 per page, but then end up with a shoddy paper. On the other hand, a company might charge you $50 and deliver an essay of average quality. That’s why value for money matters.


Every time you visit the internet, you’re taking risks. However, there are sites where the danger is compounded. Check the company’s SSL certification to confirm if you’re protected. View the URL pane for a simple padlock sign – it’s on the far left. If it’s lacking, then you should know your data isn’t safe. Hackers can easily breach the website and steal your details with dire consequences.

Contact information

While this may sound far-fetched, it isn’t.  We’ve been here long enough to understand how shaky organizations work. So, visit their contact page and find out the information provided. You’ll realize that only established companies have valid phone numbers and physical locations. You can go ahead and call the number to be sure. And if it’s received, listen carefully to the person at the end of the line. In most cases, their accent will give them away.

If It Works for Others, It Might Just Work for You!

As already indicated, online writing can be divisive. However, professional service providers in the industry have made it enviable. They provide professional guidance and assistance that have seen many students improve on their academic performances and life in general. Additionally, they’ve helped students overburdened with family, work, and school responsibilities, providing much needed reprieve. If it works for the others, then it’s not inherently bad.