6 Ways to Create a Comfortable Home

A home needs to be a haven, a comforting space where you feel relaxed after a long day. You want this zone to feel as inviting as possible, especially for those who live in it. 

Unfortunately, not every home is automatically comfortable when you first move into it. It may not feel right even after you’ve lived in them for many years. On the upside, there are plenty of remodels, tweaks, and hacks to make your abode a comfy retreat. In a bustling city like Seattle, many homeowners are making such changes. After a fast-paced and exciting day, Seattle residents want a comfortable home waiting for them. 

If you’re one of these residents, remodeling or other changes might be a top priority right now. It’s a personal mission that requires certain design choices, catering to preferences, organization, and many other factors. Without further ado, let’s have a look at the various ways to create a more comfortable, appealing living space: 

1. Upgrade Your Bathroom

The 2023 Cost vs. Value Report tells us that, on average, an upscale bathroom remodel in Seattle can cost approximately $97,000. With the local housing market on the rise, remodeling prices are going up. If you have the budget for it, consider contacting the best Seattle bathroom remodeler right away. 

You may spend more time in other rooms, but the bathroom remains an essential space. It’s where you freshen up after a long day and start getting ready in the morning. On weekends, you may like to run a bubble bath and get some much-needed self-care. These are important points in our daily lives, so why not focus on making the bathroom a more comfy space? Here are some ideas on how to go about it: 

  • Replace just the fixtures and hardware; choose high-quality models that you’ll enjoy using
  • Install more storage to reduce clutter; cabinets, vanity units, shelves, or baskets are all great choices
  • Upgrade the lighting for a more comfortable skincare session 
  • Convert the color scheme into soft and neutral tones that lend a spa-like vibe
  • Heated floors for a proper luxury upgrade
  • Install proper ventilation that will prevent mold and mildew
  • If you or a family member has balance issues, install grab bars, raised toilet seats, or walk-in showers for more safety and convenience

2. Shun the Drafts

Many times, the discomfort level in a home is due to the chilly drafts inside. If that sounds like your residence, try making some chances. The problem can be more serious when you’re living in an old structure. Here are some steps that can up that comfort factor no matter what:

  • Make sure there’s sufficient insulation, especially in the crawl spaces, attic, and basement
  • Seal exterior electrical outlets and switches using foam gaskets
  • Put weatherstripping on the window and door gaps
  • Seal any cracks or gaps in window and door frames by using caulk
  • Put door sweeps on exterior doors
  • Upgrade to energy-efficient doors and windows

3. Let in Natural Light

Natural light can go a long way in boosting your home’s comfort level. The warmth can be very welcome during the winter months. Even during the rest of the year, the brightness of natural sunlight can enhance our mood and make any space more inviting. Here are some tips to increase such light in your home:

  • During the summer, use white cotton or sheer curtains that will absorb some heat instead of letting it into your home
  • Install large windows and leave them open whenever possible
  • Position your mirrors across from windows so that they reflect light around the room
  • Remove any furniture or plant that’s blocking the windows
  • Consider removing non-load-bearing interior walls so that the light can flow better

There are quite a few more ideas on how to maximize natural light in your home. Read up on these tips and see how you can implement them in different spaces:

4. Use Curtains for Coziness

Fabric curtains create a friendlier and welcoming vibe than stiff blinds. They also add a touch of texture and a splash of color to a room. Plus, they act like insulation by your windows during winter. Check out these tips before installing your curtains:

  • Consider both sheer and heavy curtain layers; you can use whatever seems best at the moment
  • Chose warm, cozy fabrics for colder regions
  • Go for colors that provide a soothing effect and go well with the room decor
  • Install the curtains high and wide to create an illusion of more space
  • Try using curtains to create privacy in larger rooms, such as a cozy nursing space

5. Decorate With Love

Your idea of comfort is what counts here, so try thinking about how to achieve it. What brings you a sense of peace, ease, or some sort of joy? Decorating your space with certain items can help create a more welcoming, appealing nest at the end of the day. Arranging them within sight can be among the top free home improvement ideas this year. For instance, enhancing a kids’ room with nursery prints or opting for vibrant wallpaper can infuse a playful space. This highlights the importance of decorating with love, as it can transform a room or your space into a place of comfort and joy.

Here are a few ideas to try out:

  • Hang up artwork by yourself, a friend, or a renowned artist
  • Build or buy some bookshelves and create a small library or reading corner
  • Put out your signed baseball, poster, or other sports memorabilia
  • Make a gallery wall with pictures of family, friends, holidays, vacations, and other uplifting memories

You’ll feel more comfortable when surrounded by the things you appreciate. Incidentally, these items can also make interesting conversation pieces. 

6. Do Away With Clutter

Surrounding yourself with your favorite things doesn’t mean filling every corner with them. To create a comfortable home, we need to try and minimize clutter as much as possible.

Hold on to the things that give you joy, as Marie Kondo says, but consider getting rid of the rest. Here are some ways to go about it: 

  • Donate, give away, or sell the items you no longer use
  • Consider getting rid of anything that you haven’t used in over a year
  • Don’t be afraid of reducing furniture, especially if it’s taking up too much space and blocking the flow of a room
  • Conduct a deep cleaning and decluttering session every year or after a few months. Pull out everything in the drawers and closets, decide what goes, and organize the rest
  • Have one or two decoration items on a large surface instead of filling each nook with knickknacks

After declutter your belongings, it’ll be easier to breathe in your home. Spaces will open up, movement will become easier, and you’ll have a lighter metal burden. Less clutter also means fewer chances for dust to settle. You’ll avoid allergy triggers and have less cleaning to do!


A comfortable home doesn’t mean that it’s picture-perfect. If you overthink each decision, creating an inviting home can be overwhelming. Instead, focus on what you and your family require. The tips above should help you see the potential in each room. Why not pick one and get started today?