Welcome to countspeed, In this article, I will share the top 3 tips to get better at Rocket league so let’s get started with the tips.


1. Master Basic Rocket League Skills

You need to get a firm grip on basic Rocket League skills in order to get better in the game. The basic skills that you need to focus on are:

  • Ball Control

You can enhance ball control by practicing dribbling and flicks in free play mode. Develop a delicate touch to adjust the ball’s trajectory, allowing precise passes and shots. Anticipate bounces to position yourself optimally and navigate the field with improved ball handling.

  • Boost Management

Learn efficient boost collection by strategically grabbing boost pads. Save boost for crucial moments, like challenging opponents or executing fast breakaways. Efficient boost management enhances mobility, aggression, and quick recovery, contributing to overall gameplay improvement.

  • Aerial Control

Refine aerial control by practicing flying, boosting, and hitting the ball accurately in training mode. Progress from basic drills to more challenging exercises to improve spatial awareness and timing. Adept aerial control allows you to contest opponents in mid-air, execute impressive shots, and contribute dynamically to both offense and defense.

  • Rotation

Master proper rotation to enhance team play. Fluidly transition between offensive, defensive, and midfield positions. Avoid ball-chasing and be mindful of teammates’ positions. Effective rotation ensures a continuous cycle of players ready to attack, defend, or support plays. Conscious positioning based on rotation optimizes team coordination and contributes to a well-coordinated gameplay strategy.

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2. Analyze to Learn

To get better in the Rocket League, you need to learn from your mistakes. Here, you have to go one step further by learning from mistakes not only yours but also of others.

For this, first, watch your own recorded matches and analyze where you did well and where you need to improve.  Simultaneously, analyze the gameplay of our opponent and try to learn from his skill set.

Secondly, go to different streamers on platforms like Twitch. Their pro players live stream their matches and share their strategic insights. It is absolutely free.

Thirdly, find tutorials from experts and pro players on YouTube. Players share their recorded matches with detailed analysis. You can learn from there also.


Fourthly, join Rocket League communities and engage with the members. It has players from all levels. Some are experts and some are newbies. Ask our queries, see what others are asking, and look for pro players’ insights in the community. This way by analyzing and learning you will surely get better in Rocket League.

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3. Get Coaching & Boosting

You can get better in Rocket League by opting for coaching or boosting which offers a host of benefits for your gameplay. With live feedback during sessions, you not only improve your skills over time but also have the opportunity to implement suggestions right away, allowing you to get an immediate impact on your performance. Your skill set becomes more robust, covering crucial aspects like positions, rotation, ball control, boost management, aerial skills, and goalkeeping. Effective communication also improves with coaching, enhancing your overall team coordination. Coaches help you learn advanced strategies of pro players that might be hard for you to figure out alone.

Having a coach not only improves your gameplay but also offers crucial mental support, emphasizing the importance of focus and a positive mindset in the gaming world. With coaching, you will set realistic goals. It will prevent frustration from unattainable objectives and keep your motivation strong. Continuous progress monitoring in personalized sessions ensures steady improvement. Thus, leading to a higher rank. Apart from this, coaching lets you connect with the Rocket League community. So, you will also learn from players of different skills and enrich your gaming experience with valuable insights.


By incorporating the three fundamental tips i.e. mastering basic skills, analyzing and learning from mistakes, and considering coaching, you will see significant improvement. But, the core of your journey lies in daily practice.

Dedicate time each day to refine your ball control, boost management, aerial maneuvers, and rotation skills. Plus, play with a fresh mind. This will help you in absorbing lessons more effectively. So, embrace the learning process, and with each session, you’ll surely witness progress in your Rocket League gameplay.

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